Nine Urban Biotopes

Negotiating the Future of Urban Living

Berlin – Johannesburg – London -
Durban - Turin - Cape Town - Paris

In 2014, four European artists - Armin Linke, Antje Schiffers, Marjetica Potrč and Anthony Schrag - worked in South Africa while at the same time five South Africans - Athi-Patra Ruga, Dan Halter, Taswald Pillay, Terry Kurgan and Rangoato Hlasane - worked in Europe.


Selected as a »success story« by the European Commission


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LABOURGAMES Berlin has started

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(c) Jennifer L. Hicks, Creative Gaming


Creative Gaming means playing with games! By turning them into toys, breaking the rules, using games as tools, thinking them all over again or letting digital become analogue. Always at the interface between media education and media art.


Playing belongs to humans like eating and drinking. Growing up without games is unthinkable. Through games we understand the society in which we live. We get to know values, norms, moral concepts. Especially when we manipulate, modify or ignore game rules. In the 21st century, digital games are a staple player's repertoire of teenagers and adults. Digital games and their ways of use open up enormous creative potential - and this is where Creative Gaming comes in.

In Berlin, the team of Creative Gaming currently manage three schools with a team of four and, from 2018, the Potsdam Central and Provincial Library.


Text by Mat, Creative Gaming

paper/mirror Game Presentation at Futurium Berlin
Game Jam Rome
Game Jam Rome and Final Presentation
Moments from paper/mirror Game Event in Cologne